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Ecommerce Store Case Studies

Ecommerce Process

Shopify Plus Agency Partners, Shopify Plus Experts, & Shopify Experts, with a focus on elegant design & ROI.

  • Optimize ROI through conversion rate optimization (CRO).

  • Improve store branding, design, and UX.

  • Optimize store metrics such as page load speed, visitors, bounce rate, page views, add to carts, cart abandon rate, checkouts, purchases, upsells, average order values, sales volume, repeat sales, and customer lifetime value.

  • Customize store including theme, functionality, features, and integration with social media, shipping, reviews, apps, fulfillment, manufacturing, suppliers, logistics, accounting, sales, marketing, payroll, sales channels, and other platforms.

  • Implement growth solutions such as paid advertising, automated email sequences, loyalty programs, UX audits, and MRR billing.


Shopify Plus store, scripting of automated discounts, and data migration of inventory, 100k customers, and 200k orders.

Pro compression is a brand specializing in compressive athletic socks and sleeves, designed to improve circulation and speed up recovery time. Their products are made in the USA and are well loved by athletes of various levels.

Pro Compression came to us for help migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus. They were looking for a platform with less downtime and easy product management, and wanted to provide their customers with a simple shopping experience. For Pro Compression, we went with a premium theme which required minimal customizing. The focus on this project was tuned more to helping the client to learn how to use Shopify Plus and get the best out of the platform, rather than spending a lot of time developing a custom theme. We also helped the client to create some Shopify Scripts to help automate their discounts.
Another important task for this project was importing their inventory and customer data from their previous platform. Pro Compression had ~200k orders and ~100k customers, and it was important to migrate all of this data with a high degree of accuracy. We spent a significant amount of time creating scripts to ensure the data was transferred correctly to Shopify Plus and the client was happy with our work on the data migration.

In the end, the client was pleased with the results, reporting that the site immediately performed better than their previous site, and that their conversion rates were improved right off the bat. We were glad to be able to help Pro Compression build a strong and successful site. One valuable lesson that we learned from this project is that not every client needs to have their theme fully customized from the bottom up, many clients can benefit from selecting an existing theme that fits their needs and focusing their efforts on other aspects of Shopify Plus.


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Girlfriend Collective is a women’s athletic wear brand specializing in leggings, sports bras, and tops made from recycled materials, and using humane manufacturing practices.

Girlfriend Collective had an existing website using Spree, but wanted to switch over to Shopify Plus, and in the process redesign their website. They are in the process of launching several new products and we taught Girlfriend.com how to update and manage inventory. Our main objectives were to:

- Accurately transfer Girlfriend Collective data (orders, products and customer records) from Spree over to Shopify Plus

- Work closely with the client’s designs to ensure the site’s appearance matched the client’s vision

- Work with the client to customize Shopify Plus functionality to fit the client’s vision

- Develop the site so that it is as easy as possible for the client to update and manage it

A lot of work went into building this site, which has very customized functionality.
We created a complex product page template designed to seamlessly merge multiple products into one page, as well as a highly customizable homepage with several dynamic sections. We built a custom theme layout to match the client’s design specifications, including a responsive design for mobile browsers.
We felt a great sense of accomplishment in getting the site launched, it was great to see something we put so much time and effort into go live. We are continuing to work closely with the client to refine the site and look forward to maintaining our partnership with Girlfriend Collective.


- Ecommerce (Shopify Plus)

- Custom Theme

- Responsive Design

- Customizable Homepage Sections



Shopify Ecommerce Store


Deep Sentinel is the next-gen home security solution that stops crime before it happens. Powered by a proprietary AI, HD smart cameras, and 24/7 LiveSentintel™ personal security guards, Deep Sentinel sets the new standard in home protection. Deep Sentinel protects your home and proactively stops burglary, package theft, or driveway break-in, allowing customers to feel dramatically safer at home.


Deep Sentinel was a new company looking to sell their proprietary home security product through an ecommerce site. This required a full site build and a custom theme created in Shopify. We had to set up purchasing to handle the initial cost for the physical product as well as a recurring subscription cost for the service that could be annual or monthly.

Deep Sentinel came to us as a new store looking to sell their next-gen proprietary home security solution through an ecommerce site. Being a new company selling a new-to-the-market product, they had no site and no customer base. This meant our job was to build an entire site from the ground up that would draw customers in and showcase the product to make great first impressions.

Our Solution

Deep Sentinel is a subscription-based online store that is built on the Shopify platform. The site needed to be the start of building a relationship of trust with customers.

That meant building a high grade site that is easy to navigate and guides customers to all the information they need. The purpose of the site is to provide customers with a more comprehensive security system that has 24/7 “Live” surveillance.

Full site build and a custom theme created in Shopify.

Our Process

This build required us to create a custom theme in Shopify. The actual product catalog of the site is relatively simple, so the focus of the build was on design to really feature and sell the product. There was some complex configuration we had to do to set up the subscriptions for the products. Deep Sentinel has an initial cost of the physical product and then the subscription kicks in for the service. We also had to set up a monthly subscription and an annual subscription and provide customers with the ability to toggle between the two before the final purchase.

We had to set up purchasing to handle the initial cost for the physical product as well as a recurring subscription cost for the service that could be annual or monthly.

Our job was to build an entire site from the ground up that would draw customers in and showcase the product to make great first impressions.

This build required us to create a

custom theme in Shopify

complex configuration

set up the subscriptions for the products.

monthly subscription

annual subscription.


Hands-down an invaluable asset for our company. They are extremely knowledgeable, work is top grade, the turn-around is amazing, and our store is now active and generating sales. I would highly recommend them for UX and back-end work in Shopify.

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Deep Sentinel.pdf


Green Acres Nursery & Supply is a Sacramento-local, family-owned business. They opened their first garden center in 2003. Each of their five garden centers has its own personality, offering many varieties of common plants as well as unique plants and products, sourcing from local vendors when possible. Green Acres has a committed staff of plant nerds who put priority of their customers. They even host several educational and family-fun events.

Green Acres wanted a new collection page and popup order form for their new line of sod products. The order form presented some difficulties and in the end we had to go beyond the initial scope to work on the cart and checkout pages as well in order for everything to work cohesively.

The Challenge

Green Acres wanted to start reselling a new line of sod products sourced from another company and two things were requested:

- A collection page for their new sod product line, designed to be closely in-line with the company from which they were sourcing the sod products.

- A popup order form only visible for sod products. Green Acres had a basic wire frame for the form and were clear about things that the order form need to be able to do:

- Let customers select the quantity of the product

- Choose whether they want to add upsell products (max of 2 with their own quantity selector for each)

- Choose whether they want installation for the sod product

- Choose shipping information

- Calculate the current sod order based on what user selected

The Process

First, we had to design the popup order form to be user friendly and match the Green Acres theme. Then we developed both the template pages and order form side-by-side. The template pages were completed first without much issue. The order form, however, had some complications due to the complexities of its nature and the various features expected from it.

Some of the originally scoped features of the order form were changed or removed, others were created and then scraped. It was a balancing act between the complexity of features and intuitive user experience. For instance, the shipping calculation actually had to be removed from the form to avoid confusion for customers. Certain contents on the order form had to be made customizable. For sod installation, there were two types of installations, each with two sub-options that calculate and apply differently based on the product and quantity customer selected.

During the development process it became clear that we needed to also work on the cart and checkout pages. This was outside of the original scope of the project, so we worked with the client to adjust the project estimates and expectations.

The Solution

After a couple rounds of revision and testing, we were able to verify that the customer experience process from collection page, product page, cart, and checkout all worked smoothly. Despite the challenges of the order form, keeping track of the various inputs and features, we managed to successfully develop a pop up order form for the sod products that fulfilled the client’s needs while remaining user friendly.



Chado Tea’s journey started in 1990 as a small tea room in Los Angeles. Now, they operate 4 stores in the Los Angeles area and have expanded their tea selection to the online marketplace. Chado Tea tea rooms offer a full selection of their premium teas and a wonderful high tea experience, with friendly and passionate staff.

Nearly all of the teas are sourced directly from gardens and producers in the teas’ countries of origin. Developing close relationships with their suppliers allows Chado Tea to bring customers tea within weeks – sometimes days – of being manufactured. They also create all of their blends in their manufacturing facility in Southern California in small batches to ensure the freshness of the ingredients and flavors.


Chado Tea asked our team for a full-site build from scratch and a platform migration from Magento to Shopify, despite a few difficulties along the way, the end result is a beautiful site that reflects their values and the atmosphere of their tea rooms.

The Challenge

Chado Tea came to us looking for a full-site build and for a platform migration from Magento to Shopify. Their old site and platform were just no longer working for their level of business growth, so we had to start from scratch.

The Process

First, we built the basic HTML structure of the site and then started plugging in Liquid, Schema, and Styles. Next, we had to migrate the data from Magento to Shopify. Data migration can always be a bit tricky and this case was no exception. To help resolve some of the issues we ran into, a third party app, Cart2Cart, was used. Even with the help of the third party app, a custom script needed to be written and about 40% of the migration ended up being done manually. Data migration can be a very painful process and without experience and the proper tools, the damage can be irreparable. While the work was tedious, our team handled the migration beautifully.

The Solution

Chado Tea asked for us to create a brand new site on Shopify, and that’s exactly what we were able to provide for them. Despite the difficulties of data migration, Chado Tea now resides on the Shopify platform instead of Magento, leading to a better experience for them and their customers.



Ultimate Bark Control sells products to help train your dog to stop barking. Before working with us, they had an existing ecommerce website built on Drupal. Their current system was not working well as it required a lot of daily management and maintenance. Shopify Plus makes content management easier for Ultimate Bark and allows them to focus on growing their business.

The client came to us with their own designs and many of their own resources such as Font Awesome and their own image assets. Ultimate Bark had a clear vision for their design which allowed us to focus on the development and data migration projects. An important part of this project was also familiarizing the Ultimate Bark team and their in-house developers with the Shopify Plus platform. The client was new to the platform we helped teach them how to update inventory, manage content and make changes to their site.

A lot of work went into constructing the client’s website, their product pages were very elaborate, requiring a lot of complex sections to display their product data and significant use of meta fields. It was also important to follow the client’s styling standards and complex organizational structure for their styles so that the styling would fit with their development team’s established standard and methods. We felt good about the work we put into this website and worked hard to meet the client’s needs to ensure a successful launch!


- Ecommerce (Shopify Plus)

- Detailed product pages

- Complex Stylesheet Organization



Shopify Ecommerce Store


International hair styling and beauty product brand for men.


In 2009, Hanz de Fuko revolutionized men’s grooming with high-quality products that spoke to creative innovation and self-expression.

Our Solution


Our Process



"With a cult-like following of over 4 million customers around the globe, Hanz de Fuko has quickly become the world's most celebrated product line."

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Shopify Ecommerce Store


Premium coffee roaster known for its

Specialty and Hawaiian blends. Started as a small cafe / roastery in Seattle with the mission of bringing Hawaiian coffee to the mainland. Now it's a wildly popular subscription service.


Seven approached us in the summer of 2019.
They were operating two coffee brands from two separate websites and were generating less than $500 per month total in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Our Solution

Website redesign, combining both brands into a single cohesive site.
A modern look and feel.

Merged the two coffee brands into a single brand and site, streamlining the company's expenses and logistical overhead.

New theme

Shopify code updates.

Improve on the Recharge subscription app.

They needed a website redesign and help with their online marketing.

Comprehensive marketing strategy detailing how to best maximize revenue growth.

Online advertising to drive traffic and generate subscription sales.

Major focus was to increase subscribers and MRR.

Our Process

Strategy Consulting.

Many months were spent designing and building new product pages optimized for conversions.


"The enhanced design paired with the optimized product pages gave us a big big increase in customers that signed up for a subscription. We're 6 months into this project and we're seeing $8,000 per month in recurring sales from our subscribers."

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Shopify Ecommerce Store


Performance basics clothing brand.


PoT was struggling with slow loading pages that were affecting sales.

Ecommerce stores lose 60% of their visitors when the site takes more than 3 seconds to load.
In addition to the critical performance issues, work was also needed on custom pages, navigation, style, and discount scripts.

Our Solution

Improve page load speeds
and performance issues by completely rebuilding the Shopify theme.

Our Process

We did an in-depth speed diagnostic on the site and found the old theme was handling product color swatches inefficiently.
We used metafields to give the code instant access to the swatches, making the site faster and more efficient.
We also designed a new intuitive site navigation, and new custom pages.
We developed custom scripts for discounts and special promotions.


"Thankfully there was a noticeable improvement to the loading speed of our site. Much needed, and the result speaks for itself."

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Shopify Plus Ecommerce Store


The most affordable custom couch on the internet!
Plus 1000s of base SKUs for furniture for living, dining, office, bedroom, and decor.


As more people are looking to buy online, how to create a custom shopping experience to capture market share.

Our Solution

Build a custom app to allow customers to configure their own customized couches.

Create a Shop By Room feature with
custom collection pages for each of their high level furniture categories.

Our Process

We worked closely with Inside Weather internal team members to plan the entire project, create and store millions of images, create an API to use with the couch configurator app, and design a clean user experience.
We used Vue and Shopify Liquid.


"The custom app increased customer engagement dramatically because now they are able to customize their unique couch including style, color, material, and comfort. Customers can view their creation, rotate, see colors, update, zoom, save their configurations, and buy online. It has positively impacted our bottom line, revenue has increased significantly, as sales have gone up over 400% in 2020. We couldn't be happier."

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Shopify Plus Ecommerce Store


High performance coffee and food brand.

Bulletproof is a science-based approach to nutrition and wellness that is tried, tested and proven to make your life awesome.


Customers required more control over their subscriptions.

Our Solution

Create a custom app using Shopify Plus and integrating Recharge.

Improve SEO strategy.

Our Process

senior programmers architected and developed a custom app.

Our senior Shopify Plus developer stayed engaged with Bulletproof long after the initial project to move their WordPress from /blog to their core domain, then moved their Shopify store to shop.bulletproof.com.

Bulletproof has integrated our senior developer into their weekly standup meetings and assists with a wide variety of both WordPress and Shopify Plus projects.

Our growth marketing consultants did an SEO audit, identified and fixed a number of longstanding SEO issues, fixed broken links, fixed critical links, improved the backlink profile, and improved keyword and content strategy.



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Shopify Plus Ecommerce Store


Highly potent medical-grade supplement that helps keep your urinary tract clean.

Ellura is a doctor recommended urinary tract supplement that starts working quickly and keeps working to promote a clean urinary tract.


Complete website redesign to bring it up to modern standards.

Build a custom app to allow their CSRs sell over the phone while interfacing with the Shopify Plus store, Salesforce, and Recharge at the same time.

Our Solution

Come up with a fresh look for the new Ellura home page, collection page, product detail page, and shopping cart page.

Create the new site based on our proprietary starter theme.

We built a custom app to allow their customer service reps to sell over the phone and have a single point of data entry, while interfacing with the Shopify Plus dashboard, Salesforce CRM, and Recharge subscriptions, all at the same time.

Our Process

We developed the new Shopify Plus site on top of Shopify Theme Kit,
wrote scripts in the Shopify Plus script editor, cleaned up the product variants, and implemented quantity discounts.
Using our proprietary custom starter theme gave Ellura a
professional theme with the flexibility needed to accommodate their desired look and feel, and saved time and money with the pre-built sections, snippets, scripts, and icons.


"The app gives our CSRs the unique ability to work with our three main data stores from a single screen, saving time because they only need to enter the data once so it appears everywhere."

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Shopify Ecommerce Store


Fantastapack believes every business deserves custom boxes and packaging,
beautifully printed, on demand.


Each custom order is priced based on size, quantity, and box material. Formulas for calculating the box dimensions and pricing are stored in metafields so a script can set the correct price during checkout. The complex nature of their product details page required a developer to add new features and customization options.

Additionally, resellers placing large, high volume, frequent orders found the standard checkout process tedious.

Our Solution

Improve the front-end user experience.

Develop a custom script that gives customers an increased discount for larger bulk orders.

Allow resellers to use their own shipping methods.

Our Process

We architected a solution creating a React front end application and Laravel framework to handle order processing and artwork uploads.

We built a new Precut Box Bundles product, and a custom template with custom pricing logic for this new product,
allowing for a range of predetermined sizes with pre-printed patterns.

The Precut Box Bundles product template we created allows customers to order pre-designed sets of boxes when they don’t need a fully custom option.

We came up with code using JavaScript and checkout scripts to calculate the price based on the selected size and quantity of the boxes to arrive at the appropriate discount.

We also set up API connections to internal Fantastapack systems and integrated Ship Engine APIs to allow resellers to enter their own UPS, Fed Ex and USPS shipping rates.


"The custom software is an integral part of Fantastapack’s operations and a valuable tool for our resellers to place frequent high volume orders."

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Shopify Ecommerce Store

https://seattle-cedar.com/An online retailer of outdoor furniture. Each piece is handmade and unique. Chairs, picnic tables, arbors, bridges, benches, planters, and more are shipped to customers all along the West Coast.


Their existing website was nothing more than a simple brochure, with no way to make sales. The site wasn't painting the brand in the best light, resulting in lost sales.

Our Solution

Burloak created a plan to build a Shopify ecommerce store, a WordPress content management system, and create custom content.

Our Process

Shopify Store

WordPress CMS


Custom Content

Products, product images, online gallery, pricing, sizes, secure online checkout

We also sourced new shipping companies to find the best shipping rates in order to lower overall costs for the customers.

Results"Burloak showed us where our old site was falling short. We ended up with an elegant and intuitive online shopping experience that reflects the beauty of our furniture. Our customers can finally view and purchase our hand-made furniture online which has really transformed our brand. After putting so many hours of work into the new site, it is rewarding to see so many more people buying our furniture".

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Website & Web Design Case Studies


Custom WordPress site & admin dashboard.

Recycle Often. Recycle Right.℠ is a recycling campaign put together by Waste Management. By creating a microsite with downloadable content and a social media presence, they are able to spread recycling awareness.

Creating the Recycle Often Recycle Right website was a huge project, but we were ready and willing to take on the challenge. Our main objectives were to:

- Take the design from the client and turn it into a Wordpress site

- Create a simple interface in the Wordpress dashboard for the client to add downloadable content

- Integrate third-party tools for social media and newsletter services

- Create several customizations to the Wordpress dashboard to simplify the content management

Completing this project gave us a huge sense of accomplishment. We knew when we launched the site that it would be a success when we saw all the people taking the recycling pledge (over 8,000 people have so far). The site has seen a tremendous growth in traffic since the launch. Their sign-up form has seen a conversion rate of nearly 12% and we are starting to create new pledge forms for different communities. We are proud to be have constructed a site that is seen by thousands of people every day.


- Custom social media integration

- CMS (WordPress)

- Counter for tracking pledges




Total Reclaim is the leading recycler of environmentally complex materials in the Pacific Northwest. Their site serves as a straight-forward way to get recycling information on a wide variety of materials.

The existing Total Reclaim site was massive and convoluted. Our goal was to strip the site down, simplify it and make it easy to navigate. Working with Total Reclaim, we decided to redesign the entire site and make it responsive with a focus on call-to-action buttons. Our main objectives were to:

- Rebuild the site with a focus on simplicity.

- Make the site responsive.

- Create call-to-action buttons to guide the users.

- Integrate additional forms for collecting user information.

The site has seen an increase in traffic since the re-launch and continues to provide users with an easy-to-use form system to schedule recycling pick-ups. As indicated by the counter in the footer, they have recycled over 400 million pounds of material and that number continues to grow every day.


- CMS (WordPress)

- Multiple Form Integration

- Custom jQuery functions

- Responsive Design



Urban Smart is an energy-saving program from Puget Sound Energy geared towards creating more energy-conscious solutions for commercial businesses.

The Urban Smart project is a new program being launched by Puget Sound Energy. This site serves as not only an information brochure on the program, but also as an interactive way for members to see how they are having an impact on energy-saving in downtown Bellevue. Our goal was to take their design and turn it into a functioning website. Our main objectives were to:

- Take the design from the client and convert it into a WordPress site

- Integrate the third-party member software

- Work with the client using Basecamp, a project management tool

- Launch the website within a tight deadline

This was one of the more complicated projects that we have taken on. With so many demands from different points of contact, putting it all together in a short amount of time took some extra time and effort on our part. However we as developers are very pleased with how the site turned out. While we were confident in our ability to complete this project (hence why we took it on), we are even more confident in our abilities now that the project is finished. We also feel good about helping to create awareness for a good cause being driven by a local company.


- CMS (WordPress)

- Custom Javascript

- Unique page layouts


Development Case Studies


Custom built two-party marketplace, project management, and publishing system for writers.

Content Runner is a marketplace for connecting users and writers for the creation and management of unique written content.

Before Content Runner, we were using Craigslist, Paypal and spreadsheets to find, pay and manage all our writing projects. We knew there had to be a better way so we created Content Runner to solve our own problem.

Our main objectives were to:

- Connect writers to people that need content.

- Create the ability to assign tasks to writers.

- Allow for editing and publishing of content.

- Provide a way to pay writers.

- Manage and track projects in a simple to use dashboard

- Use Copyscape and do status tracking.

We are constantly adding new features to Content Runner We are excited to continue to grow and see what the future holds for Content Runner. With over 2,000 registered users, Content Runner continues to grow and evolve into a vibrant marketplace. We take tremendous pride in Content Runner and what we've built as evidenced by what we stand for.


- Custom-built marketplace

- Intuitive user dashboard

- Secure online financial transactions



Brand Development: What's your brand? Take your business or career to the next level by creating an identity that goes beyond your products and services.

Managed Site: Custom website creation, activation, fully managed by our team, domain name, domain emails, hosting, unlimited site changes, full tracking, analytics, & reporting.

Custom Website Creation: Custom designed website for your business, optimized for SEO. Can be built on our platform, yours, or Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, or Drupal.

Website - Managed WordPress Website: Expertly managed WordPress website which includes up to 5 job requests per month.

Funnel Building (Plus) (4 step funnel + 4 email sequence). This custom funnel build for your clients marketing campaign will act as the main lead generation system and includes a 4-step funnel with 4 auto email sequences.

Ecommerce Website Creation: Custom designed ecommerce website for your business, optimized for SEO & conversions. Can be built on our platform, yours, or Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, or Drupal.

Landing Pages

Website Management & Maintenance


UX Tester Videos

Basic Site Audits

Deep Dive Site Audits

Speed Optimization

CRO Conversion Optimization

Ecommerce store setup, design, optimization, product sourcing, product placement, pricing, ads creation, paid ads, marketing, analytics, reporting.

Forms, Signup Forms, Contact Forms, Onboarding Forms

Apps, Mobile Sites, PWA Progressive Web Apps,

AMP Sites, Schema & Structured Data

Google My Business Management, Google Voice & Alexa


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • No setup fees. No hidden fees.

  • No Contracts. Cancel Anytime. Or choose a yearly service agreement to lock in pricing.

What's Included with AI Chatbots, Customer Service Chatbots, Marketing Chatbots, & Sales Chatbots

  • 100% of Digital Marketing Account Management for your business. Complete setup or re-structure of campaigns. Everything included.

  • For new campaigns we will setup your campaign from scratch. For existing campaigns, we will optimize your existing campaigns to take them to the next level.

  • Full geographic, demographic, & psychographic targeting & setup including any geo targeting for businesses with multiple locations.

  • Niche, audience, & keyword research (including negative keywords to optimize ad spend).

  • Video, image, & text ad creation, ad copy writing, A/B testing, & data based campaign optimization.

  • We'll build any creatives, ad copy, images, forms, landing pages, website, automation, sales funnels, content, tripwires, lead magnets, tracking, thank you pages, upsell pages, email sequences, etc if you don't already have these.

  • Addition of relevant ad extensions.

  • Retargeting funnels & ads setup & management.

  • We can create the GTM / GA / Google Ads / Facebook Ads Pixels for you if you don't already have them.

  • Detailed reporting & analysis so we can make data based decisions & maximize results.

  • We don't impose any minimum or maximum adspend requirements.

What To Expect with an AI Based Chatbot

  • Contact us to get started.

  • We'll begin with a kickoff briefing meeting to discover your business & goals (more leads, sales, branding, signups, calls, walk-ins, etc).

  • Together we'll agree on the best strategy for your situation & goals.

  • Once you approve, we'll begin onboarding & launch your account.

  • New accounts usually go live in 7 - 15 business days, faster if possible.

  • Your campaign account manager is tasked with creating, managing, & optimizing your ad campaigns & creatives. They look at psychographic & demographic data to find & target audiences for your offer, they create on-brand ad copy & creatives (or we can use yours if you prefer), then make data based decisions to improve your campaigns.

  • Dedicated Account Manager who is a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist.

  • Our fulfillment team members are Digital Marketing & PPC Advertising experts, required to be experienced with the main ad platforms (Facebook, Google, etc), and our specialists are required to have years of specific platform experience focusing on paid ad traffic, plus relevant platform certifications. They report to a certified digital marketing manager.

  • Our digital marketing specialists are accredited professionals (Facebook Marketing Partner, Facebook Blueprint Certification, Google Ads Certified, Premium Google Partner, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Bing Partner, etc) with assigned dedicated reps on the ad platforms (Facebook reps, Google reps, Microsoft reps, etc) that assist with account issues, ad approvals, & new product betas.

  • Facebook:

  • You'll have a dedicated account manager who is a digital marketing specialist trained in current Facebook Ads best practices.

  • All campaigns are built inside your Ads accounts (Facebook Ads account / Google Ads account / Bing Ads account) where you can view & approve them before being pushed live. You will have full access & ownership of all advertising accounts, campaigns, & advertising assets created.

  • You can choose to see & approve all ads & campaigns before they go live, but this slows down the process because of all the back and forth communication. Typically we'll ask for your permission to have creative license to create the campaigns & ads while ensuring they align with your brand & business goals.

  • We'll need to know your monthly digital marketing adspend budget for each platform you want to use.

  • We can help you figure this out.

  • We will handle all the tracking and optimization. We will generate conversion tracking code and add it to your website, or we can send it to you with instructions (simple copy/paste). We will also tag your ads & URLs to integrate with Google Analytics, create conversion tracking, & do the optimization.

  • It's common to see results (traffic, leads, calls, sales, customers, whatever the goal) on the first day, but marketing is an ongoing process that requires time & data based optimizations to see the best results. We recommend allowing at least 90 days to optimize new campaigns so we can continue to improve results over time.

  • You'll need a Facebook Ads account, Facebook Business Manager account, Google Ads account, Bing Ads account #, etc depending on which ad platforms you wish to use. We can help create the accounts if you don't already have them.

  • You'll need to grant us access as a Partner, Page Admin, Facebook Ads Admin, etc.

  • If you are an agency wanting this service for your clients, we are happy to help. Contact us to discuss.

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